Vocal Performance

TaVaci is a singing and performing group for children.
Children learn from qualified directors how to sing correctly and perform on the stage.

Singing and performing classes are taught on a weekly basis.
Children are divided according to age:

Pre-school – Kindergarten: Tiny Tunes
1st-2nd grade: Minor Tunes
3rd-4th Grade: Major Tunes
5th-6th Grade: Harmonic Tunes

Preschool through second grade classes meet weekly for 45 minutes.
Third through sixth grade classes meet weekly for one hour.

Singing, drama, theory as well as rhythm and performing skills are taught
in fun ways so that children learn to feel comfortable in any performing situation.

Concerts are produced twice a year; once at Christmas time and once in the
Spring (generally in May). Each concert is a culmination of material taught and
learned during the semester. Most often the concerts are approximately
60 to 90 minutes in length and are narrated entirely by students.
Each student will learn and perform a minimum of five numbers. Some
are involved in up to seven. Students learn to come on and off stage
with expertise and professionalism. Lighting and sound are used as well
to enhance these audience appealing shows!