Who  says theory is boring? NOT with us!! Here are a few examples!

MARCH OR NAP! (younger and older)

After you have familiarized your students with note values and rest values, take out your card stock note/rest value cards (given at a previous seminar).  If you have a way to make a “marching” or “four count” beat sound, it adds a lot.  Or you could play a simple song that has a four count rhythm. Hold up the cards in random order.  If the card shows a “note”,  MARCH for that many counts (a quarter note gets one march – a whole note gets four marches, etc.)  If the cards you hold up is a “rest”, NAP (tilt head, close eyes, and snore) for that many counts (a half rest gets 2 snores – a dotted half rest gets 3 snores, etc).  After they get the idea of the game, make the beat go faster.