We LOVE to keep the beat! Here are a few activities that we have done in class!


Hand out different  candy to each student and have them sit in a circle.  (Tootsie rolls, sweethearts, suckers, etc……about five different kinds) Read the story “Susie Right” to them.  Every time they hear the word Right, they pass their candy to the right.  Every time they hear the word left, they pass to the left.  They get to eat the candy they have in their hand at the end of the story.  (Not recommended for your youngest class !!)

Hit the Number!

Students sit and are told to clap on the number that you call out.  Start hitting (slowly at the first) the music stand with a pencil (or stick) in rhythm and call out a number (randomly, between one and 12) i.e. the number 7.  Then proceed to start count while simultaneously hitting the stand, beginning at number one.  Count up to the number 7 hitting the baton in a steady rhythm.  Students are to clap on the number 7.  For example:  7! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.  2! 1,2 8! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  There should not be a pause in between the number that you proceed to and the one that had just been clapped.

Tell students to count in their mind, while you are counting out loud.  Then, as they begin to master the technique, give them only the number one after stating which number to clap on.  You’ll learn quickly who is counting to themselves and who isn’t.  Speed up according to level of desired difficulty.