My family and I have been involved in TaVaci from the time it was founded.  All six of my children have participated in the program.  Each of them have learned many valuable life skills.  They have not only excelled musically they are comfortable in public speaking situations and feel at ease on stage singing, acting, and dancing.  This program has helped each of my children grow and be successful in many of their schooling and adult experiences.  I believe TaVaci is a wonderful program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see their children flourish in the performing arts.

Dottie Parsons

I was a member of TaVaci for 8 years and loved it! TaVaci helped me gain an appreciation and love for music that I wouldn’t have had, and I have been in choirs and performing groups ever since. TaVaci helped me to gain lasting friendships and a strong self-confidence. I looked forward to my lessons every week! I am so grateful for my opportunity to have been in TaVaci. Music has opened up doors that I would have never imagined.

Brooke Betenson

TaVaci has played a major role in my life.  I have been involved in the group from the time I was four years old, and I am still part of it today. TaVaci not only taught me voice techniques, coordination with my body, and the ability to perform but it also gave me confidence to succeed on the stage and in life.  I LOVE to perform and entertain and I believe a large part of that is due to TaVaci.  I participated in many high school musical classes and productions because of the positive experiences and training I had in TaVaci.  I enjoyed TaVaci so much as a student that I now teach students of my own today.  I love TaVaci and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a part of it.

Megan Owen

TaVaci has been an amazing experience for our two girls ages 6 and 9.  They are in their third year of TaVaci and we are so grateful to have an outlet where their musical and performing talents can shine.  The songs and choreography are creative and the teaching methods used at class each week are very fun and interactive and appeal to a wide range of learning styles.  TaVaci is definitely a highlight for them in their weekly activities.  As a family, we have loved the great fun we have had with the influence of TaVaci in our home.

Brandon & Amy Hunter

We feel grateful every day for the TaVaci experience our three children have had for the past ten years.  TaVaci is a class act.  There has been the upbeat, fun music, the creative and lively choreography, and the positive interaction with the knowledgeable and caring instructors.  We have been in awe at the polished showmanship of the young children during the concerts.  Everything about TaVaci has been positive and uplifting for our children.  Thanks for everything!

Stephen Jenks