The name of THIS game is “FUN” and time to let your hair down!
Here’s one of many activities to invite your students to participate.

*And Now a Word From Our Sponsors
(3rd-6th and maybe 1st and 2nd graders could be adapted)

Bring several “odd” items to class ( a clothespin,  an envelope,  a blank cassette tape, a fly swatter, etc).  Have about 5 teams of 2 kids (or however many teams that you have time for).   Hand each team one of the items (do not let them choose) and tell them that they have 2 minutes to make up a commercial for that item.  I hand them the item and exclaim “SELL ME THIS!!”   (If you adapt to younger kids,  you might want to use “products” – Pledge, Dishwashing liquid, toothpaste, etc)  The rest of the class sits in their seats, “watching TV” and  “clicking the remote” to flip to the next channel in between each “commercial” and applauding after each.  After the commercials are all done, you may choose to have the kids hide their faces in their laps and asking them by a raise of hands (no one should see the raise of hands) which product they were excited to run out and buy after watching all the commercials.  You may wish to announce which sponsor will be making tons of money soon because of their outstanding commercial.

We enjoy our “drama” time with the students!